We show some of the projects we have performed for our customers

    Ineo, collaborating in the projects of our clients since 2000

    Since our foundation we carry out projects for our customers that include the manufacture of prototypes, low volume manufacturing, models and tools, made by 3D printing technologies, laser sintering (SLS) and stereolithography (SLA) and vacuum casting.

    In this section we show some examples of the multiple projects we have performed. We show examples of the manufacture of parts with stereolithography, laser sintering, small batches by vacuum casting, calibre control, machining, dimensional control, casting models, redesign and model making.

    Laser Sintering TPU

    Project for AVELLANA DE WASABI

    Cell and virus models made in TPU rubber laser sintered (SLS, 3D Printing), to be exhibited in the Science and Technology National Museum in Terrassa (Barcelona).

    Stereolithography (SLA)

    Project for TECNITOYS-Scalextric

    Manufacture of pieces in stereolithography to check their geometry before launching final molds. Stereolithography in high resolution and adjustment of all components to each other for validation.

    Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

    Project for CASALS

    Fabrication of sintered parts for geometry validation and assembly of internal components. Delivery of parts adjusted to each other and with external polishing.

    Modification of design and master model

    Project for IN.ME.SA.

    Based on a design and parts of the arm of the mirror of the previous series, redesign and manufacture of models according to the customer's instructions.

    Silicone moulds

    Project for BEHR ESPAÑA

    Realization of stereolithography and pre-series of vacuum casting in silicone moulds for the assembly of prototypes of a car heating system. Production of kinematics and prototype components to be submitted to different tests the behaviour of said system.

    Calibre Control


    Design and manufacturing of calibre control for automobile engine pipe. CAD, machining, laser sintering and three-dimensional control.

    Prototyping workshop and models

    Project for DERBI Nacional Motor

    We initially made models in SLA, and then built the model plates to manufacture sand moulds to cast aluminium parts. These parts were then milled to fit the requested tolerances. At the same time the plastic covers were made by SLA and silicone moulds and PU vacuum casting.

    Contact us whether you have a project similar to the presented or different, we are at your disposal to help you.

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