The quality finishes in end pieces and prototypes are very important. For this reason, we have specialized in the application of finishes, to obtain a realistic look in any type of piece.


    The finishing processes are intended to ensure that the surfaces of the products meet the needs required by our customers in terms of appearance, texture and final behaviour for which they have been designed.

    Nowadays the quality standards are increasingly demanding. For this reason, the finishes have become a first-line production process, since they make a difference in the final appearance of the pieces.

    At Ineo we are specialists in a wide variety of finishes. We also have a human team with extensive experience in the sector and the most appropriate materials and tools to obtain the results that the client needs.

    Objective of surface finishes

    • Achieve a positive impact on the user regarding the aesthetics of the product
    • Get the same look as the final product
    • Achieve the level of adjustment and proper assembly for the possible components
    • Obtain different mechanical properties of the surface
    • Protect against corrosion
    • Modify the roughness
    • Improve the level of sterility
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    We offer a wide variety of finishes that fit your needs

    At Ineo we are specialists in finishing. You can choose between different types of surface finishes, such as high gloss painting, matt painting, varnishing, sandblasting and metallic.
    Here are some of the finishes we make in Ineo, if you need a different finishing or more information contact us








    Carbon fiber




    Chrome plated


    Laser marking




    Pad printing

    Additive manufacturing technologies available at Ineo

    We believe that the ability of the designer to develop products should not be limited by the technology or materials. We will find the right combination of technology, materials and finishes to shape your project. For this, we have a multitude of materials and various additive manufacturing technologies.

    Stereolithography (SLA)

    Additive manufacturing technology, through which pieces of epoxy resin are obtained with excellent reproduction of details and precision, which allow different surface finishes.

    Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

    Additive manufacturing technology, through which parts with a variety of high-performance thermoplastics and approved materials for the aeronautical industry can be manufactured.

    Laser Sintering (SLS)

    Additive manufacturing technology that allows to obtain functional parts with an excellent mechanical behaviour that can be used for multiple applications.

    Vacuum casting

    Manufacturing technology that allows the reproduction of parts in polyurethane resin using a silicone mould. This technique allows the rapid production of prototypes, short series (low volume manufacturing) and parts for high quality final use.

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