Mock-ups and Models

    New manufacturing technologies manage to reproduce models and prototypes with a level of reality and interactivity that surpasses all precedents.

    Mock-ups and Models

    When it is necessary to be able to visualize any structure or prototype, the mock-ups and models are one of the most important elements, since they allow reducing the scale of the original model and physically reflecting its design in 3D.

    The physical representation of a model helps analysing and understanding all the elements that compose it -functionality, details- and facilitates the validation of its design.

    Traditionally, this work has been carried out in a traditional way by specialized model makers. 3D printing technologies and digital models created by 3D software allow to reproduce any element easily, achieving a high level of detail and precision. In this way, we offer the advantage of combining additive manufacturing with other traditional methods.

    Additive manufacturing is being used in an especially active way for the creation of scale models by architecture studios, engineering firms, construction companies, real estate companies and product designers, due to the high value it brings to its customers.

    Use of additive manufacturing in the construction of 3D mock-ups and models

    • To obtain attractive and functional results
    • Cost reduction
    • Reduction of delivery times
    • To obtain more precise products
    • To avoid unnecessary material expenses and contribute to the preservation of the environment
    • Variety of materials for manufacturing

    We want to be your supplier of mock-ups and models

    We can help you with Design and Engineering for the preparation of files for 3D printing. Our technical and customer service team is ready to find the right solutions for the manufacture of your scale models.

    Mock-ups and Models

    At Ineo Prototypes we make scale models, set assemblies, adjustments and foam modelling of a visual model from 2D drawings.

    We bring our experience and means to provide the customer with the application of a wide variety of finishes.


    We offer the engineering service to make 2D drawings, generate 3D models and prepare them for 3D printing.

    Reduction of time and cost

    We considerably reduce the time and cost that would be necessary to make the models with other traditional manufacturing systems.


    We guarantee the total confidentiality of the projects in which we collaborate.

    Technologies available at Ineo for manufacturing mock-ups and models

    The materials and technologies of current additive manufacturing make available to the designer new options for the design and manufacture of mock-ups and models.

    Stereolithography (SLA)

    Additive manufacturing technology, through which pieces of epoxy resin are obtained with excellent reproduction of details and precision, which allow different surface finishes.

    Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

    Additive manufacturing technology, through which parts with a variety of high-performance thermoplastics and approved materials for the aeronautical industry can be manufactured.

    Laser Sintering (SLS)

    Additive manufacturing technology that allows to obtain functional parts with an excellent mechanical behaviour that can be used for multiple applications.

    Vacuum casting

    Manufacturing technology that allows the reproduction of parts in polyurethane resin using a silicone mould. This technique allows the rapid production of prototypes, short series (low volume manufacturing) and parts for high quality final use.

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