Upload your 3D file, select the printing technology, material, indicate the number of units, add it to the cart and place your order online.
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    Upload your 3D file, select the printing technology, material, indicate the number of units, add it to the cart and place your order online.

    Pattern moulding

    We manufacture models and plates for the manufacture of aluminium parts or any other metal for casting.

    Pattern moulding

    Our technical office carries out the design of the molds and plates to guarantee an adequate result to the customer's requirements.

    At Ineo we manufacture casting models made using additive manufacturing technologies, in combination with the traditional modelling system. The manufacture of models by 3D printing allows us to reduce the time of the modelling phase.

    We can manufacture both single pieces and short series of castings. We deliver the pieces with the finishes required by our customers, whether they are machined, heat treated, shot-blasted or painted, among others.

    We guarantee the total confidentiality of the projects in which we collaborate.

    Casting process

    The first step for the manufacturing of a casting piece is to make the life-size model of the piece that is going to be reproduced and that will take shape inside the mould.

    Depending on the quantity of pieces to be melted, a single model or a plate with several figures of the model will be made.

    Once this model or plate is manufactured, in the first casting process the sand will be compacted against the plate or the model creating the mould cavities.

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    When the sand mould had been manufactured, the sand parts will be separated, and the model will be extracted.

    After closing the mould, it will be ready to be filled with the desired metal.

    Once the necessary time for cooling has elapsed and once the metal has taken shape, the sand mould will be broken to obtain the casting.

    If the project requires it, the machining, tempering or grift blasting processes will be applied later.

    How do we do it?

    • We define the models by determining the specifications, characteristics, layout, dimensions and cost of components.
    • From the previous established data, we carry out the necessary technical calculations for the dimensioning of the models and the arrangement in the plates.
    • We verify that the design specifications are met during the development of the project. The verification procedures contemplate the functionality and quality of the product, materials, designed elements, tools and rules and specific regulations.
    • We perform tests and analysis that allow us to check the level of compliance with the customer's requirements.

    We want to be your supplier for pattern moulding

    Our technical team is ready to advise you with the design and engineering for the manufacture of metal castings. We have a team of modelers with extensive experience in the construction of casting models.

    Additive Manufacturing

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