Silicone parts

    Our company manufactures short series of silicone parts that offer high versatility and high temperature resistance for the industrial, medical and food sector, complying with FDA regulations.

    Silicone parts

    Prototypes and short series of silicone parts are especially useful in a wide variety of industrial applications.

    These parts allow you to validate the design, functionality and applications to ensure that the pieces will meet the purpose for which they were created.

    The pieces have a long service life with high resistance to compression deformation, have excellent mechanical properties and are suitable for food and sanitary use in compliance with FDA regulations ("Food and Drug Administration, USA").

    Parts made of silicone

    Depending on the geometry and the design of the piece, we manufacture the molds and tools necessary for the production of silicone parts. Additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing) and our production processes allow us to reduce cost and delivery times.


    Silicone is tasteless, odourless and does not develop bacteria, nor is it corrosive to other materials

    Chemical resistance

    Resists some chemicals, including some acids, chemical oxidants, isopropyl alcohol and ammonia

    Electrical properties

    Unlike other materials, it maintains the properties at extreme temperatures and is insulating

    Mechanical properties

    Maintains traction and elongation values after long exposures to extreme temperatures

    Advantages of parts made of silicone

    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • Suitable for food and medicinal products (FDA)
    • It does not pollute
    • It is not toxic
    • Long useful life
    • Not compatible with bacterial growth

    Aspects to consider

    • Contaminant sensitive
    • Hydrogen release (if emptying is done immediately)
    We are specialized in the manufacture of all types of containers, protectors, lids, gaskets and all kinds of silicone parts, adapted to your needs and designs.

    We can manufacture your rapid prototypes, low volume manufacturing and final parts of silicone.

    We want to be your supplier of silicone parts

    We are specialists in the manufacture of silicone parts, and we have the right equipment and material for the production of your products and designs.

    We have an extensive machine park of different technologies for 3D printing that, together with the area of vacuum casting and parts manufacturing, allows us to offer the advantage of combining additive manufacturing with other traditional manufacturing methods.

    Additive manufacturing technologies for manufacturing silicone parts

    We have technologies and materials so that your designs and product developments have no limits. We will help you finding the best combination of technology, materials and finishes you need to shape your projects.

    Stereolithography (SLA)

    Additive manufacturing technology, through which pieces of epoxy resin are obtained with excellent reproduction of details and precision, which allow different surface finishes.

    Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

    Additive manufacturing technology, through which parts with a variety of high-performance thermoplastics and approved materials for the aeronautical industry can be manufactured.

    Laser Sintering (SLS)

    Additive manufacturing technology that allows to obtain functional parts with an excellent mechanical behaviour that can be used for multiple applications.

    Vacuum casting

    Manufacturing technology that allows the reproduction of parts in polyurethane resin using a silicone mould. This technique allows the rapid production of prototypes, short series (low volume manufacturing) and parts for high quality final use.

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