Metal Pressing

    We have the capacity to fabricate single parts or small production runs of sheet metal parts and components from a combination of processes such as laser cutting, punching, bending, pressing, and welding.

    Metal Pressing

    This is a process that allow us to produce “single parts”, short series and small production runs of components made from sheet metals such as standard or galvanized steel, aluminium, copper, and stainless steel, among others.

    In addition, we have the ability to produce assemblies of parts including a variety of PEM fasteners (studs, pins, standoffs, nuts, etc.), made from different materials, alloys and surface treatments.

    Our tools are made in a very simple way and from materials that enable us to offer competitive prices and compressed manufacturing times.

    What is Metal Pressing?

    Metal pressing is a manufacturing technology that makes it possible to obtain metal parts by subjecting the material to a compression load between two molds, which are steel stamps or dies.

    One set of dies which is considered the upper die or hammer slides on a guide and the other, called the lower die or anvil, is fixed. By applying progressive pressure or percussion between both stamps, the desired parts are obtained.

    The fabrication of sheet metal components can be classified into two categories: Cutting and Shaping:

    Ineo - Tecnología - Estampación metálica - Corte láser


    Cutting the appropriate shape of a part can be done by laser cutting, die cutting, machining or shearing.
    Ineo - Tecnología - Estampación metálica - Configuración


    Final Shaping can be achieved through secondary operations such as bending and pressing using single or progressive tools.

    When to use Metal Pressing?

    At Ineo we manufacture single parts, short series and pre-series of your sheet metal components; although sheet metal pressing is a technology that allows a high level of process automation, especially when it comes to manufacturing large quantities of a product, at Ineo we can manufacture simple dies that allow us to obtain small production runs.

    Its application is widespread in the automotive, transport and agricultural equipment sectors, among others.

    It is commonly used for the manufacture of electronic supports for many industries, housings, bodies, enclosures, cabinets, decorative elements, etc.

    We adapt to your requirements

    Our tools are usually simple in concept and made from materials which allow us to offer very competitive prices and fast turnround.

    Surface finish - Brushing

    Surface Finish - Spray coating

    Surface Finish - Powder coating



    Galvanized steel




    Stainless steel



    We want to be your supplier of metal pressing

    At Ineo we adapt to your requirements; our flexibility in production allow us to meet your specific needs. Send us your enquiry and explain your project to us; we will be delighted to be able help you to assist you!

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