CNC Machining (CNC)

    We have the knowledge and capacity to perform CNC machining for the production of high precision parts (one offs and short productions runs) from technical metal and plastic materials.

    CNC Machining (CNC)

    CNC Machining (CNC) is a manufacturing process in which a set of operations is carried out to produce parts by removing layers of material from a blank. These operations are performed on machines with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) which together from a given 3D CAD data and a CAM program, the machining is executed automatically.

    Our 3 & 5 axis CNC machines have the flexibility, precision and versatility to allow minimizing errors thus reducing manufacturing time. Ineo Prototipos has estate of the art CNC machines for the production of one offs and small series of parts and components from a wide range of technical metal and plastic materials.

    Regardless of parts size, complexity or quantity, our experienced team and machinery allow us to provide customers a variety of surface finishes at competitive prices and short delivery times.

    Industry uses CNC Machining centres to optimize their manufacturing capacity so the most common CNC operated processes such as milling, drilling and turning can be carried out on the same machine.

    CNC Machining (CNC) applications

    • Machining of technical metals & plastic materials
    • Machining of master models for silicone tooling
    • Machining of ONE-OFF prototype parts
    • Machining of short series of end use material parts
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    CNC Machining - Sectors - Aeronautic sector

    Main industries

    • Automotive
    • Aeronautics
    • Naval industry
    • Railway
    • Engineering

    We would be delighted to be able to assist you during the development process of your project.

    Our technical team will help you to find the most suitable technology for the production of you your prototypes.

    We aim to deliver top quality models and prototypes to make sure that customers can easily verify their designs matching the reality for which the final product has been conceived, reaching the level of precision required.

    Our project managers offer you support and constant monitoring throughout the whole fabrication process of your project to make sure parts are delivered on time and within budget.

    And of course, we guarantee complete confidentiality of your project.

    Other technologies and additive manufacturing processes

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