Rapid Prototyping INEO

Ineo Prototipos was founded in 2000 with the aim of making cost effective production representative prototypes to the highest quality and in the minimal amount of time. It is still our philosophy.

Since then, we've grown and currently employ 20 people, developing our projects in a 2,000 m² facility, with the same philosophy that we've had since we started our company.


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Ineo Prototipos can transform an idea into a product or into a part of it on tight or short deadlines. By using additive manufacturing technologies, plastic or metal parts can be made or manufactured quickly.

Enginyeria i CAD

Engineering and CAD

We develop the idea until obtaining a design ready to be manufactured. After the realization of the definitive 3D, we made prototypes for the previous validation of the CAD geometry before the industrialization of the product.
Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA Stereolithography

Epoxy resin parts with excellent dimensional tolerance. Stereolithography is the most recommended technology to manufacture the Master model and later to manufacture silicone molds as well as prototypes that will allow us to verify the geometry and the visual aspect of a product.
SLS Selective Laser Sintering (PA powder)

SLS Selective Laser Sintering

Construction of functional parts with mechanical characteristics similar to those of injected thermoplastics. This technology is highly used in the manufacture of serial parts (Rapid Manufacturing). The resulting parts with this technology allow the application of a wide range of surface finish.
Vacuum casting

Vacuum Casting

Production of parts in polyurethane resin using silicone molds. For the manufacture of these molds a first model made in Stereolithography is used, although this technique also allows to use as master almost any type of piece manufactured by sintering, FDM, machining, etc. We produce short series with polyurethane resins that have different characteristics: flexibility, transparency, resistance to high temperature, load of glass fiber, fire retardant -V0-, similar to those of the final product like ABS, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, etc.
Rapid Prototyping - Finishing


When a highly realistic finishing is required, we are specialized in: Painted: glossy finishes, satin, matte, textured, monolayer, bilayer, etc. Decorations with Films: carbon fiber, marble, wood, etc. Metalized: Metallized parts in high vacuum. Blasting: different finishes for castings and microfusion or translucent parts. Pickling: laser pickling of texts, logos or images. Tampons: printing of texts, logos or images.
Pattern moulding

Pattern moulding

Manufacture of parts of aluminum or any other molten metal. When geometry and required finishes allow, sand mold is the most economical and fast alternative. We make the models and the plates necessary to facilitate the manufacture of the sand molds as well as the later processing of the castings.


We manufacture the tools that the customer needs to collaborate in its production process, adapting to its indications facilitating the tasks of assembly, etc.


We manufacture scale models, assembly assemblies, adjustments, etc., as well as modeling of a visual model from 2D drawings, and the surface finishes required.
Glass reinforced plastic

Glass reinforced plastic

Fibreglass is a versatile material which is very useful to build large and durable lightweight parts. A polymer matrix such as epoxi, polyester and polyurethane are used to lay up the fibreglass.